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Frequently Asked Questions


How does the ASF 100 work?
The ASF 100 combines mechanical filtration and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection with a proprietary control system and rugged construction that are specifically designed to meet the demands of a factory setting. Filtering removes chips that can wear tools and cause damage to pumps, valves, and other sensitive equipment. UV disinfection controls the growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms that can cause noxious odors, decreased system performance, and even potential health hazards.

What fluids can be used with the ASF 100?
• Non-potable water
• Wash (soapy) water
• Semi-synthetic machine coolant
• Water-based machine coolant
• Aqueous parts washing fluids
• Water-based grinding fluids

What model ASF 100 is best for my application?
Normal output models are recommended for systems using a clear fluid, which can easily pass UV light, while high output models are designed to be used with milky or opaque fluids. Small sumps provide easy installation in confined spaces and less cumbersome maintenance, while large sumps maximize UV exposure.

What size filter element is best for my application?
Inauvate Work Solutions offers filter elements in different micron sizes due the number of variables in each system the ASF 100 may be installed on. In general, the smaller the micron size, the more protection that is provided for the rest of the system at the cost of having to clean the filter more often.

What is UV light? Why do I want it?
UV stands for ultraviolet light – a band of light energy with a wavelength smaller than what can be seen by the human eye. While most people are familiar with long-wavelength UV light that causes sunburn, UV light with the shortest wavelengths, known as UVC, has germicidal properties and is used in the ASF100. UVC light is used to sterilize everything from surgical tools to city drinking water. It operates by denaturing the DNA of micro-organisms, rendering them unable to effectively reproduce.

I can see the UV light when it is treating clear fluids, is it safe?
The ASF 100 is designed to contain all hazardous UV radiation. The visible light seen through the sump is safe for the human eye.

What power sources can the ASF 100 run on?
The ASF 100 is designed to accept the majority of power sources found around the world. It will run on 110-240VAC operating at 50-60Hz and draws less than 1 amp of current in most circumstances.

What sort of maintenance does the ASF 100 require once installed?
Periodic cleaning of the filter element and bulb sleeve are required – the frequency of the maintenance depends greatly on the specific system it is operating on. The ASF 100 includes handy reminders than can be set to remind you when maintenance is due. Over time, the output of the UV bulb will decrease and need to be replaced – the ASF 100 will also remind you of this.

I have a machine that only runs once in a while, can the ASF 100 help with that?
Yes, the ASF 100 contains a number of features for various operation modes. Under normal circumstances, the ASF 100 can be installed in-line with a machine tool’s coolant pump. However, if that pump is not running often, a small secondary pump can be attached to the ASF100’s I/O port, via a suitable motor starter and power supply, and be controlled by the ASF100’s internal clock to run automatically on a daily or weekly basis.

How does the ASF 100 connect to an existing system?
The ASF 100 is most often installed in-line on a machine’s existing pump system. Inauvate offers a number of fittings that can be used to splice the ASF 100 into existing plumbing, whether it be soft tube or pipe. The optional I/O cable can be used to connect the ASF 100 to a machine’s existing controls if synchronized operation is desired.

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