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Extend the life of your coolant

Monday morning stink got you down? Inauvate Work Solutions’ UV light system eliminates Monday morning stink by attacking the bacteria, mold, and fungi that cause it. The ASF 100 is an environmentally friendly coolant cleaning system that is easy to install and pays back fast — in months not years.
  Machine Coolant Cleaner

The ASF 100 from Inauvate is an environmentally friendly, chemical-free ultraviolet (UV) light system designed to control the spread of bacteria, mold, and fungi that spoil water-based process fluids such as metal-cutting coolant by sterilizing living cells and preventing the growth of future colonies. This prolongs fluid life ― leading to fewer change outs per year, reduced machine downtime, lower disposal costs, and more time for maintenance personnel to perform other tasks. It is available in two different sump sizes, with normal and high output bulb options, allowing the user to select the model that best fits the requirements of their system.

Inauvate’s ASF 100 is compact, easy to install, and made specifically for the manufacturing industry. It can be easily integrated into most machine tools that use non-flammable liquids at temperatures of up to 125°F (51°C) with tank volumes of up to 120 gallons. For applications with sump sizes over 120 gallons, multiple units can be installed in tandem to provide adequate disinfection. Quick-disconnect fittings are available for portability, while a variety of standard fittings are available to aid in permanent installations. The ASF 100 can also work in conjunction with portable oil removal equipment, such as skimmers and coalescers, for increased fluid cleanliness.

Green benefits of the ASF 100 include reduced waste, minimal energy costs, and a cleaner/healthier work environment. As a chemical-free system, it eliminates the need to use traditional harsh chemicals that can negatively affect performance of the work fluid, reducing cost and environmental waste. This is especially useful in heavily-regulated industries and locales, where common industrial chemical additives may be prohibited. A built-in safety interlock protects personnel from inadvertent exposure to UV radiation.

Machine Coolant Filter-Sterilizer

The ASF 100 relies on a multi-pass recirculating configuration and a directed flow through the filter unit to maximize UV exposure. Normal output models are ideally suited for use on aqueous parts washers and other systems utilizing transparent fluids.  Opaque fluids, such as many metal-cutting coolants, do not transmit UVC waves as easily and thus require the use of a high-output UV disinfection model to be most effective. High-output models also include a bulb-monitoring feature to ensure that the UV bulb is lit; ideal for applications where the opacity of the fluid prevents it from being checked visually. Sumps are available in a 10” size for compact installations and a 20” size for maximum light exposure and effectiveness.

The filter element helps to remove small chips from the coolant stream that can cause premature tool wear and degrade surface finish. It also protects the light surface from exposure to contaminants that can scratch its surface degrading performance of the UV system. Filters are made of rugged stainless steel construction, allowing them to withstand harsh environments and multiple cleanings, and are available in standard 375, 540, and 840 micron sizes with custom sizes available by special order.

Built-in electronics designed specifically for industrial environments allow for a variety of operation modes and visual alerts to the user when maintenance is required. A fully-programmable built-in timer allows the ASF 100 to be customized to fit any shop schedule and can act as a stand-alone unit with the capability to control an auxiliary pump. The ASF 100 can also be externally controlled, for example, by a CNC machine using M code relays, with an optional I/O cable.

The ASF 100 electronics include a system of sensors that monitor the environment inside the filter unit and will adjust the output of the UV bulb to minimize particulate build-up and the resulting maintenance required to maintain the system’s effectiveness. Visual notifications alert the user when common maintenance tasks such as filter cleaning, bulb cleaning, and bulb replacements must be performed.

Product Comparison

  ASF100-10N ASF100-10N ASF100-10N ASF100-10N
ASF100-10N ASF100-10H ASF100-20N ASF100-20H
Entry Level Value High Power in a
Small Package
Extended Performance Top of the Line
Recommended Fluid Clear Clear/Translucent Translucent/Opaque Opaque
Exposure to UV Light Good Better Better Maximum
Light Wavelength UVC 254nm UVC 254nm UVC 254nm UVC 254nm
Lamp Wattage 14W 29W 26W 54W
Light Intensity 4000 μW/cm² 8000 μW/cm² 8400 μW/cm² 14000 μW/cm²
Filter Dimension 10" x 2.5" 10" x 2.5" 20" x 2.5" 20" x 2.5"
Max Pressure 50 psi 50 psi 50 psi 50 psi
Max Flow Rate 20 US gal/min 20 US gal/min 20 US gal/min 20 US gal/min
Max Tank Volume 120 US gal 120 US gal 120 US gal 120 US gal
Max Temperature 125° F 125° F 125° F 125° F
Bulb Life Monitor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bulb Failure Warning Yes Yes
Shipping Weight 13 lbs 13 lbs 14 lbs 14 lbs
Sump Dimension 13.75" x 5.88" x 5.25" 13.75" x 5.88" x 5.25" 23.75" x 5.88" x 5.25" 23.75" x 5.88" x 5.25"
Control Box Dimension 6.25" x 4.25" x 1.75" 6.25" x 4.25" x 1.75" 6.25" x 4.25" x 1.75" 6.25" x 4.25" x 1.75"
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