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Save time with organized tools

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Wasting time and money looking for or losing tools? A common problem on factory floors is tool or productivity loss due to a disorganized work space. Custom shelving from Inauvate Work Solutions help keep your tools organized. This easy to install system can de-clutter work areas in less than fifteen minutes.

Workstation shelves from Inauvate fit into existing 13” machine tool rail mount systems and are designed to organize 5C, 30 taper, 40 taper, and hand tools. Made from 16 gage steel with custom sized plastic inserts for proper tool fit and protection from damage, shelves can be moved from one machine to another without disassembly and make great set-up trays. Each shelf is capable of holding up to 40 lbs and is durable enough to withstand harsh manufacturing environments. Tool clutter can be virtually eliminated and productivity increased when using these shelves.

For users without rail mounts or those with extra tool storage needs we have designed a complete custom mounting system that can be set on any 14 gage steel structure. The system consists of two rails, mounting hardware, and your choice of two, three or four shelves. Each rail is 48” long and together they can hold up to a combined 160lbs on four shelves.

  Organized tools on Inauvate tool shelving

Product Comparison

  Tool Shelf WS10 Tool Shelf WS15 Tool Shelf WS20 Tool Shelf Rails
WS-10 WS-15 WS-20 Rails
Tool Type Hand Tools 40 Taper Tool Holder 5C Collets
30 Taper Tool Holder
Capacity 1 Air Gun
2 Vice Handles
1 Wrench
1 Hammer
8 Tool Holders 10 Collets or
Tool Holders
4 Shelves
Max Load 40 lbs 40 lbs 40 lbs 160 lbs
Dimensions 13” x 5 38 13” x 7” 13” x 5” 48"
Weight 1 ½ lbs 1 ¾ lbs 1 ¼ lbs ¾ lbs
Thickness 16 gauge 16 gauge 16 gauge -
Color Gray Gray Gray Gray
Price $74.99 $74.99 $74.99 $34.99
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